Anita Fuoss was born in Pierre, South Dakota, in 1961. Until 1969, Anita lived on the family farm in northeastern Jones County with her 4 siblings and her parents, Floyd and Sylvia Fuoss. In 1969, the family moved in the winters to Pierre, where Anita graduated from Riggs High School. While in Pierre, Anita was active in Civil Air Patrol, Girl Scouts, band, choir, and drama.

Anita Fuoss earned a B.A. in history and German at Valparaiso University and a separate Scholar’s Degree from Christ College, its honors college. Anita completed her law degree at Vanderbilt University in 1986.

After graduating from Vanderbilt Law School, Anita Fuoss moved to Las Vegas, NV, where she practiced law with an emphasis in real estate and business law.

South Dakota roots drew Anita home to Murdo in 1994, where she opened Fuoss Law Office. She also went back to work for her family’s farm, H Bar F, which raised performance tested Black Angus cattle and registered and certified seed wheat.   Having worked on a farm since childhood puts Anita in a position where she really understands the issues her clients face.

Fuoss was elected the Jones County State’s Attorney in the 2000 election and has served Jones County in that office since January 2001.   She was elected the Lyman County State’s Attorney in the 2008 election and has served Lyman County in that office since January 2009.

Anita has 20 years of practical legal experience assisting clients in a variety of situations. She has successfully defended a number of defendants in federal criminal jury trials. In state court, she has represented defendants in criminal cases, and handled a variety of civil cases (from representing people seeking divorce to resolving a land dispute). Anita has also frequently been appointed by the court to represent children abused or neglected by their parents or otherwise in need of legal counsel.
In addition to her law practice, Anita Fuoss owns Jones County Title Company and does the title abstracts in Jones County. She and Helen Louder of Draper developed and built one of South Dakota’s first fully imaged and computer-indexed title plants, in the mid-1990′s, back at a time when people said it could not be done.

Anita Fuoss has been admitted to practice in South Dakota, Minnesota, Nevada, and the U.S. Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, and is a licensed real estate abstractor in South Dakota.

In her spare time, Anita Fuoss visits nursing homes with her dog, Solo, a therapy dog registered with Therapy Dogs International.  She also participates in dog agility and herding trials with her Cardigan Welsh Corgis. Her first champion, Corky, was the 69th dog in North America (and the first in South Dakota) to receive the Triple Triple Superior Award from the North American Dog Agility Council, which has over 40,000 dogs participating in its trials.

Anita Fuoss is a member of the South Dakota State’s Attorneys Association, the South Dakota Land Title Association, Murdo Chamber of Commerce, Vivian Lutheran Church, and the North American Dog Agility Council. She is a charter member and current president of Great Plains Agility Club, a nonprofit corporation based in Murdo, South Dakota, formed to promote recreational activities in Central South Dakota.